THEORY OF DESIGN- BMEEPETO921 -THURSDAY -12. 15 -14. 00. K. 285



The course aimes at awakening and strengthening the students abilities, interest, to reflect on architectural design, in accordance with their own cultural background, in the original spirit of theorizing: thinking of, looking at, with freedom and critism. Considering the special and unique position of this continous reflective activity as an operative and constitutive part of the architectural design practice, the course not only picks up special themes of history and contemporary discourses,  but olso concentrates on mobilizing the students practical and theorethical skills, already acquired during their previous studies.


1.09. 10. On the Relevance of Theory,

2.09. 17. Faith and experiment Antoni Gaudi

3.09. 24. Culture, gesture Adolf Loos

09. 28. submission 1. paper

4.10. 01. discussion summary 1.

5.10. 08. Technology, Design Change

6. 10. 15. Iconic technology Mies van der Rohe           repeated submission 1. paper

7.         10. 22. Freedom or determination, SAANA

            10. 25. submission 2. paper

8.         10. 29. discussion summary 2.

9.         11. 05. Continuity and design John Pawson

10.       11. 12. Continuity and proportion van der Laan       repeated submission 2.paper                                

11.       11. 19. Continuity and culture David Chipperfield

12.       11. 26. Time and architecture

            11. 29. submission 3. paper

13.       12. 03. discussion summary 3. conclusions

12. 10                repeated submission 3.paper         

12. 15.               second repeated submission of missed or failed papers, no more than two


 1. Attendance of classes is compulsory. In accordance with the Code of Studies /Art 14 (3)/

more than 3 unexcused absences constitute failure of the course. Presence is controlled in each class.

 2. During the course 3 mid-semester papers should be submitted on time, given in the schedule. At the discussion of the papers active participation is required. The papers are evaluated, the average of the 3 papers gives 50% of the final grade.

 3. The submission and successful evaluation (2=pass) of the 3 papers is the requirement to be allowed to take an exam.

 4. Submission of failed or missed papers is possible on the repeated deadline. A second attempt is possible in the repetition week on the given deadline.  This is possible only for two missed or failed papers. In case of three missed or failed papers exam is not possible.

 5. The 45 minutes lenght written exam in hand writing covers the theoretical material of the course with special emphasis on the texts of the reading list. The result of the exam gives 50% of the final grade.

1. paper, submission 09.28.

 Select one lovely place of Your childhood, identify and describe it in detail (space form material colour texture, events, memories) and try to explain Your choice

 500 words, with 5 pages supplementary illustrations, (sketches, drawings, pictures) PDF

2. paper submission 10.25.

Visit one contemporary building in Budapest from the list, given. Describe and eveluate its context, spaces, structures, materials, observe, how do they resist time use maintanance, possible alterations. Try to collect Your critical remarks. Collaborate in teams of two or three members

500 words with 5 pages supplementary illustrations (sketches drawings pictures) PDF

Recommended list:

-Residential building Magház Budapest Rottenbiller utca, VII. district

Arch: Tamás Dévényi

-Residential building Budapest Práter utca, VIII. district

Arch: Péter Kis

-Japanese Garden and Bonsai-Pavillon in the Budapest Zoo

Arch: Péter Kis

-Extension and New Gymnasium of Toldy Ferenc Secondary School, Toldy Ferenc utca 9. Donáti utca, I. district

Arch: László Földes, Tamás Mórocz

-Raul Wallengberg Collegium, Budapest, Toldi Ferenc utca, Donáti utca, I. district

Arch: Zsófia Csomay,Péter Reimholz

-Extension and reconstraction of II.Rákóczi Ferenc Secondary School, Keleti Károly utca 37. II. district

Arch: Ferenc Keller, Benedek Sólyom

-Extension and reconstruction of Csik Ferenc Primary School Medve utca 5-7 II. district

Arc: Ferenc Cságoly, Benedek Sólyom

-GRAPHISOFT park Budapest III. district

Arch: Ferenc Cságoly, Ferenc Keller

-One of the new stations of Metro Line 4 (one team can document one station, different teams have to choose different stations)

-IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Budapest Október 6. utca 26. V. district

Arch: Péter Reimholz

-Primary Scool Nr. 1 Budaőrs Hársfa utca 29

Arch: János Dobay

--Town Hall Budaőrs

Arch: László Kalmár, Zsolt Zsuffa

- ING Office building, Dózsa György út, VI. district

Arch: Eric van Eggerat

-CET („Whale”) building Közraktár utca IX. district

Arch: Kas Osterhuis

3. paper submission 11.29.

Describe a contemporary place or building, You have visited and experienced in reality, and consider as good architecture, possibly from Your native country, if not, from anywhere else. Explain Your choice in a short essay.

500 words with 5 pages supplementary illustrations (sketches drawings pictures) printed


Bart Verschaffel: Architecture is (as) a gesture

Quart Publishers Luzern 2001

Ignasio Sola Morales: Mediations in Architecture and in Urban Landscape

Quart Publishers Luzern 2001

Juhani Pallasma: Space, Place Memory and Imagination

 Routledge  New York 2008


Ignasio Sola Morales

Juhani Pallasmaa

Bart Verschaffel : Architecture is (as) a Gesture

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