(Compulsory elective subject) Academic year 2019/2020, 1st Semester

9. September 2019.


Credit points: 2

Prerequisites: the compulsory subjects of History of Architecture of the first four semesters (from the classical antiquity to Baroque architecture) have to be successfully completed.

The course will be held on Mondays at 12:15-14:00 in the Room K.285.

Class will meet on the following days:

September: 09., 16., 23., 30.; October: 07., 14., 21., 28.;

November: 04., 11.(test), 18., 25.; December: 02.

Class topics

  1. Architecture and theory – introduction
  2. The beginnings of the history of theory of architecture in the Antiquity. The treatise of Vitruvius.
  3. Architecture theory in the Middle Ages from early Christianity to the Romanesque period.
  4. Architecture theory in the high Gothic period.
  5. Humanism and the revival of antique architecture in the 15th. The theory in the 15th Italian renaissance. The Theory of Alberti
  6. The column orders and commentaries on Vitruvius; the theory of the ideal city. The treatise of Palladio.
  7. The Baroque theory of architecture – Guarino Guarini.
  8. Academic movement in France and Classicism in Italy in the 17th. Theory of architecture in France in the 18th century.
  9. Enlightenment and revolutionary architecture. 19th century theories in England, France and Germany.
  10. The interpretation of medieval and classical heritage in the 19th. Century. The dilemma of eclecticism.
  11. Pioneers of modernism and their manifestos


Main goals and requirements:

  1. Writing a short papers over the course of the semester. This paper will examine a particular issue, text source or architect relating to theory. The topic will be given by the professor. Papers may contain text, figures and/or drawings in about 6 pages (circa 9000 characters). Consultation will be after each lecture or in the consultation hour of the professor (previously arranged);
  2. A test comprising the topics of the first eight lessons. The test will be on 11. November, its repeat will be in the repetition period. Own hand-written lecture notes can be used at the test.
  3. 3. The topics of the exam will be declared before the exam period. In case of satisfactorily completed essay the themes of the oral exam will be chosen in the theme of the written essay.

Other requirements:

  • Lecture attendance: according to the Code of Education.
  • Deadline of sketch (title and abstract) of the essays: 09 December. (With an „extra procedure fee” till 20. December 2019.)

Literature: Architectural Theory I-II. Edited by Harry Francis Mallgrave. Blackwell Publishing, 2006.

Christof Thoenes-Bernd Evers: Architectural Theory from the Renaissance to the Present.

Taschen Publishers, 2003.

Kruft, Hanno-Walter: A history of architectural theory: from Vitruvius to the present.

Princeton Architectural Press, 1994. ISBN 1568980108 (in German: Geschichte der

Architekturtheorie. Verlag C.H. Beck. 2004)


  • The condition of the signature is the successful test. This is the condition of participating on the exam.

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